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This site is the final group project for LIS 439, Preservation Management. We have chosen to provide a brief history of preservation, ideas and practices, from the earliest times through the 20th century. Half of the project focuses on 20th century problems and innovations, as much of the development of the preservation/conservation fields has happened quite recently. After a historical survey that covers traditional practices in the pre-modern world, you'll discover some of the ways modern life has changed preservation concerns and methods. Even before preservation developed, in the modern sense of the word, librarians and the general public were very concerned about the maintenance of library collections. We'll see what their major concerns were before turning to more modern developments. In our sections on the 20th century, we're focusing in on two key events that have defined the field--the creation and discovery of the "brittle books" phenomenon and the 1966 Arno flood in Florence. Both have had wide-reaching impacts on the field and how people make preservation decisions.

Getting Started

We've created separate pages for each section, which you can find here:
Section 1: Preservation Strategies From the Ancient World Through the Eighteenth Century (Ken)
Section 2: Preservation in the 19th Century (John)
Section 3: Brittle Paper (Angela)
Section 4: Preservation Programs and Education (Jill)